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Bowie Knives

Bowie Knives

Bowie Knives Hold a Rich American Heritage and are a symbol of individual power and freedom. Whether you collect knives, or are just looking for a great hunting, camping, survival, or large utility knife, these knives are the perfect choice time and again. Unsheath an American Legend by owning your own bowie knife today.

Handmade Bowie Knives From Top Manufacturers

Youメll find the best bowie knives at from top brands like Buck, Case, Gerber and Randall. There is a bowie knife for every purpose from gifts, to working, to collectible displays. Find styles embellished with etched blades, special edition collectibles, bowies with silver, gold, or authenticate brass pommels and detailing to the finest choices in d-guard handles. Bowie knife handles available are genuine deer stag, black rubber, and an assortment of fine woods such as rosewood or curly maple. Some of them even have turquoise or other decorative inlays for an added special feature. Damascus bowie knives are also very popular.

Collectible Bowie Knives For Gifts & Work

Bowie knives make great gifts for any holiday. Any outdoorsman, hunter, week-end モDo It Yourselferヤ loves to have the convenience of a good Bowie Knife at their disposal. A very special tradition is mentioned in Thorpe's classic book モThe Bowie Knifeヤ. There is a story which he tells us of a preacher who marries a young couple and gives the husband a bible and a Bowie knife. He tells him that the bible is for the salvation of the family's souls, and the Bowie knife for their physical salvation. Bowie Knives are also becoming very popular groomsmen and best man gifts with engraving as an additional option to make them extra special for the special day.

History of the Bowie Knife

The term モBowie Knifeヤ appeared on the scene because of an incident on a Mississippi River sandbar near Natchez, Miss., on September 19, 1827. In this battle Bowie was stabbed, shot, and beaten half to death but managed to win the fight. This fight created an enduring image that ultimately caused a manメs name and a weapon to become a common phrase in the English language. By 1835 several makes and dealers were advertising Bowie knives for sale, and many frontiersmen carried them. The Bowie knife, as historian James S. Hutchins writes in the foreword, "has attained iconic status, becoming part of the very fabric of the nationメs westward movement."

Custom Bowie Knives in the Media

Bowie knives are featured in many movies. Pretty much any movie about the Alamo, or the old west will have itメs fair share of antique bowie knives. Rambo uses a custom Bowie Knife in his movies in several very famous scenes. The Khyber Bowie in the Indiana Jones movie has become a well sought out replica, and モThe Iron Mistressヤ with Alan Ladd portraying Jim Bowie is a true classic.

Keeping history and entertainment in mind, consider the true Bowie Knife is a knife that refuses to die, not because of sentiment or nostalgia, but because it is the best knife of its type that the world has ever seen. Bowie knives get passed down from generation to generation with rich stories of:

  • Survival skills
  • Bear fights
  • Military combat adventures
  • And, much to go along with them

From the 1827 "Sandbar Fight" along the banks of the Mississippi, to your very own collection! Choose from a large collection of Bowie Knives. Own your own Bowie Knife and have a piece of the legend.

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